The New World Order – 235,000 New Jobs. From Fake to Fabulous

In a world seemingly turned on its head, with Congressional bloodlust and frenzy threatening radical legislative change in healthcare, taxation, infrastructure, and God knows what else as of just a short week ago, the equity markets continued their drive upwards at a robust, probably unsustainable rate, and ahead of the still-modestly positive economic fundamentals.

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Investment Update - March 2017 - The New World Order – 235,000 New Jobs. From Fake to Fabulous


Important Information About Investor Protections

Ron Stein testifies in Congress on Investor Protection

In the wake of the dramatic headline-level failures of Stanford, Madoff, and now MF Global – all well-known registered and federally regulated brokerage firms – efforts are being advanced to forward badly needed protections for regular investors. After massive regulatory failures by NASD and the SEC, recent arbitrary actions by SIPC – the FDIC-like insurance entity created by Congress (but regulated by the financial services industry) to provide protections for investors against insolvency from theft and fraud – have circumvented laws established to protect investors. SIPC’s recent decisions, which seem focused on protecting the SIPC fund, have denied thousands of small investors basic SIPC protection, and worse, resulted in over a thousand lawsuits against many of the same victimized investors denied protection. All investors should be told that SIPC protection at any firm is speculative at best, and investment statements may be meaningless in case of brokerage failure.

Ron Stein testified in Congress in March in favor of enhanced protection for small investors, and in support of HR757, legislation proposed by Congressmen Scott Garrett (R-NJ) and Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). To listen to Ron’s testimony, click here. For a link to his extensive written testimony, click here.
For more information on the importance of HR757 and how you can support it, visit www.investoraction.org.



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