"it is up to each of us, now, to contribute to make a difference"

Sustainable Business Practice

Sustainable Business Practices

Why have Sustainable Business Practices, you might ask?

Over the past decade, many businesses have applied the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. They've managed to "do the right thing" for the planet and for people and still remain profitable in the current economic climate. In today's environment we all need to be conscience of the world's future. What with global warming, current economics, and the future of the generations ahead of us in this world, it is up to each of us, now, to contribute to make a difference.

Good Harvest Financial Group is dedicated to operating in a socially responsible manner with a focus on environmental protection. We value the well-being of employees, colleagues, society, culture and future generations.

We seek to attract creative and talented staff by offering workplaces that are more participatory, have greater sensitivity to family issues, share more of the wealth, offer more fun, and encourage trust between management and employees.

We operate in a 'green-minded' environment, with a focus on reducing environmental impact and with a focus on social contribution as standard business practice.