"At Good Harvest Financial, we understand different people have different needs and interests."

What We Do

Simply put, we offer comprehensive, customized portfolio management and financial consulting services to diverse clientele, including individuals, businesses, foundations, and trustees.

We can help you plan for your future or sustain current financial security. Our personalized and unique planning approach can help you define your goals and put a strategy in place to meet them.

We can actively manage your investment portfolio in line with your objectives to keep you on track, provide effective, understandable communication and are on hand to answer any questions.

We are available to work alongside your current financial advisor or broker, accountant, or attorney, ensuring you have a well-rounded team of professionals looking after your needs.

Areas of Specialization

At Good Harvest Financial, we understand different people have different needs and interests. That is why we offer services that are not only customized, but specialized and focused to meet your specific needs.

link Women Investors

Women have their own set of challenges when it comes to investing and financial security. For starters, women are typically more likely to live longer, earn less, and have dependents to care for. »More Information

link High Net Worth Individuals

As your financial wealth builds, so does complexity. Wealth preservation and strategic growth are a main concern. Tax implications require sophisticated means to shelter and defer income. As your estate grows, inheritance planning becomes a necessity. »More Information

link Retirees

Retirees and senior clients have very different financial needs in this phase of their lives. “Do we have enough to retire on to sustain our current lifestyle?” “How can we set up our investments so we enjoy more income?” “How can we maximize the assets that we leave to our children and grandchildren?” These are just some of the questions you may have and we can help with. »More Information

link Attorneys/Accountants

As a well established financial firm, we offer services to collaborate with you on behalf of your clients, providing objective financial expertise to help you service your clients and grow your practices. »More Information

link Trustees & Estate Administrators

Good Harvest can provide consulting services to assist you in the evaluation of your trust assets, make recommendations, provide you with financial advisory/portfolio management services or help you locate an outside manager. »More Information

link Foundations/Non-Profit Organizations

Good Harvest can provide consulting services to assist you in the evaluation of your organization’s investments, make recommendations in line with your mission, and help ensure your value-based investments stay on track. »More Information

link Green & Sustainable Investing

Conscious consumers and leading edge companies have grasped the concept of “Going Green” and are keen to include the growth potential of sustainable investing into their overall investment approach. We routinely incorporate various green investment opportunities into our portfolios, and offer an exclusively green investment strategy as well. »More Information

link Responsible Investing

Today’s investors are deeply concerned about the future – not just their financial well-being, but the future of the planet. For years we have helped our socially concerned investor clients integrate their concerns and values with their investments. »More Information