"we offer a working partnership service that can bring financial planning and investment management expertise..."

Accountants & Attorneys

As accountants or attorneys your clients often look to you to provide financial and investment advice to help them reach their long term goals and plan for financial security. But the reality is you can't be all things to all people.

At Good Harvest, we offer a working partnership service that can bring to the table the financial planning and investment management expertise your clients may need and deserve.

We can work with you to provide educational material, product research, assist with financial modeling, provide independent financial advice and much more. We can provide the kind of objective consulting advice that fee-based planners do best.

For example, attorneys can give legal advice about structured settlements, but need to be careful not to provide financial advice.

Likewise, accountants, while typically more product savvy in financial markets, generally don't have the time or tools to pro-actively monitor markets, understand the implications to their clients investments and cash-flow and provide timely communications and recommendations around changing markets.

In a collaborative relationship with you, Good Harvest, is positioned to enable you to enhance the professional expertise your clients are seeking and broaden your firm's capabilities in the financial planning and investment management arena.

We operate on a fee basis, as compared to the commission-based industry, so there’s no concern about a vested interest in selling investments to your clients. Our goal is to provide expert and objective services to help you better serve your clients.

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