Green Investors

Green Investors

Climate change and new global environmental awareness is changing everything. Sky-high oil and gasoline prices, dependency on foreign oil, financial and economic instability. Greenhouse gasses. The entire world is recognizing that radical change must take place. With alternative energy investing from wind and solar expected to grow over 20% per year, with new technologies emerging to harness geothermal energies, with new transportation technologies, and with nations around the globe installing massive regulation changes and subsidies – all these spell opportunity on a tremendous scale.

While still in its infancy, green investing - sometimes called “sustainable investing” – is of rapidly growing interest to financial markets and companies. After all, it serves a triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit.

Companies are finding more innovative ways to introduce responsible initiatives in their daily operations by finding ways to reduce, recycle, and minimize environmental impact.. Consumers are educating themselves and recognizing the need for their role in protecting the future of our planet. And savvy investors are recognizing the importance of corporate culture and values. In the US alone in 2007, $3.9 billion was invested in green technology.

Recognizing the need for sustainability along with an awareness of the impact of new regulations, corporations are stepping up to the plate and becoming environmental leaders in areas of alternative energy, water treatment and conservation, pollution controls and prevention, recycling technologies, and sustainable, natural food supply.

The global drive for change focusing on sustainability and environmental protection is snowballing, opening up new opportunities to those with an interest in making a positive environmental impact while seeking profitable investment opportunities.

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