"Most of all, many investors want to insure that while their investments gain, they’re minimizing their negative impact. "

Responsible Investors

Responsible Investors

More and more socially concerned, Responsible Investors are aligning values with investments, making an impact, while still achieving financial goals.

Today’s investors are deeply concerned about the future – not just their financial well-being, but the future of the planet. Many investors are also concerned about other important issues: the impacts of tobacco, extreme and unfair levels of corporate executive pay, and overall corporate behavior. Most of all, many investors want to insure that while their investments gain, they’re minimizing their negative impact.

This is the exciting world of Responsible Investing, aka “socially responsible investing”, “ethical investing”, ‘impact investing”, and “socially concerned investing”. For over 20 years, Good Harvest has been helping investors achieve their financial goals and put their investments in line with their values and make maximum positive impact. Indeed, Good Harvest is one of the region’s oldest firms with a specialty in Responsible Investing, and Long Island’s only specialist in this area.

Remarkably, investing in responsible companies is making economic sense and going Mainstream. Why? Because it’s improving the bottom line: profits. Companies that increase environmental efficiencies and reduce pollution are saving money on fuel costs and avoiding potential costly litigation. Companies that responsibly manage CEO pay are more likely to maximize productivity of their labor force. Companies that embrace business ethics and transparency are less likely to be embroiled in scandal and lawsuits. Companies that incorporate good overall practices are more likely to perform well over time. Mainstream corporate-watch and investment houses are seeing this more and more.

Climate Change has opened up an additional avenue for investors: companies that are at the forefront of alternative energy or provide the tools for energy efficiencies provide great opportunities.

The unique combination of Good Harvest’s sophisticated investment approach with responsible investing gives our clients a great way to combine their financial goals with their environmental and social values. You, too, can do well and while doing good.

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