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"How can we maximize the assets that we leave to our children and grandchildren?"



Retirees and senior clients have very different financial needs in this phase of their lives. They often ask:

“Do we have enough to retire on?”

“How can we set up our investments so we get more income?”

“How can we maximize the assets that we leave to our children and grandchildren?”

“How can we minimize risk to our investments?”

“Do we still need all this insurance?”

“If one of us is no longer around or able, how can we trust that there will be someone to make sure my spouse's finances will be in good hands?”

These are all very important questions we've heard many times over the years, and questions we’ll work together to answer. The first step is building trust, however, something we’re especially sensitive about, and then making sure our older clients are not subjecting their portfolios to unnecessary risk.

Our investment planning and management is not based on a commission – so our clients don't have to worry about a vested interest in selling them something. And while we enjoy a personal relationship with our clients, we still utilize all the sophisticated tools used by the biggest firms but in a personalized fashion for each client that larger firms cannot approach.

Getting Started

Our personal approach, designed for each client involves three basic steps:

Step 1. A personal relationship that builds trust and helps clarify what income clients need during their lifetime, along with their comfort levels.

Step 2. Developing a portfolio that meets these income needs without subjecting clients to unnecessary risk. We will work with your accountants, attorneys, insurance agents to help minimize estate impacts. We also have access to a team of outside specialists that can assist with additional legal, accounting or insurance needs that might exist.

Step 3. An on-going relationship that includes a close monitoring of investments and income needs with our clients, and adjusting portfolios and other financial needs accordingly over time.

Income expertise. A close, helping hand that understands the needs of seniors and retirees. We feel that we offer our clients an unbeatable combination

Call us at (631) 423-6501 or email us at info@goodharv.com to find out more about how we can help you.

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