Trustees & Estate Administrators

The needs of trustees and estate administrators can range from simple to complicated. Often besieged by financial advisors recommended by attorneys, banks, and friends, and often overwhelmed by the details of an estate, trustees and administrators can appreciate objective and expert guidance on how best to manage the income and investment needs of their accounts.

We’ll work carefully with the trustee/administrator, and if desired, other trust beneficiaries, to help define the income needs, risk management, and investment goals of the trusts and estate, and establish a clear set of expectations and effective strategy and road map.


Acting as a consultant, and working with the clients’ outside managers or ones we refer, we can help guide and refine the strategy over time, helping to make sure the trust and estate goals are met, and helping the trustee or administrator to do the best job he or she can. We can also provide an expert second opinion to trustees and administrators currently using outside advisors.

Portfolio Management.

Trustees and administrators may choose to engage Good Harvest to manage all or part of their accounts. Using our sophisticated Six Step process, we’ll tailor a portfolio to your unique needs.