"ThreeSafety-Vest Portfolios to choose from…

From ultraconservative to conservative income."


Welcome to Safety-Vest


Frightening times. Uncertain times.

The last year has been a year for the ages. Banks closing. Insurance companies threatened with seizure. Stock market devastation. Losses of over 30% in many “conservatively” managed bond portfolios. Home values dropping precipitously. This past year has proven that the unthinkable can happen.

Investors are deeply concerned, and rightfully so. For many people, this is time for safety. But with so many investment and savings classes at risk, with interest rates so low, where can people turn for help?

Investors are asking...

  • Is my bank safe?
  • Do I have enough to live on?
  • How can I preserve more of what I have for my heirs?
  • How can I get more income without taking on more risk?


Looking for Security?

Are you a retired person looking to for a secure income stream? Or a saver looking to make sure your bank is the right bank? Or someone seeking to find ways to increase their income in this day and age of mattress-like interest rates?

Good Harvest can help. As a fee-based, non-commission planning and advisory firm, we’ll give you the objective guidance you want, and help you make the right decisions about what meets your income and safety needs. The kind of objective guidance you’re not likely to find anywhere else. And the ability to look at the big picture, and tend to the small details.

In addition, our three Safety-Vest portfolios include a mixture of bank, government, annuity and other assets that are tailored to your particular situation, from ultra-low-risk capital preservation to conservative-income. In this complex financial world, with commission-driven insurance agents pressing annuities, bank personnel pushing CDs and mutual funds, and stock and bond brokers selling commission-based investments, we’re a breath of fresh air.

Our goal – increase income, outperform regular savings and bank accounts, yet provide a the level of safety you’re looking for. The right mix of assets to meet your needs! We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to.

Three Safety-Vest Portfolios to choose from…

                                         From ultraconservative to conservative income

Here are some of the types of assets carefully chosen for each portfolio, and adjusted for changing market conditions.

  • Money markets
  • Bank CD’s
  • Carefully selected annuities
  • Treasury bills, notes, and Inflation Protected Securities
  • High quality corporate bonds
  • Select municipal bonds and funds
  • Government agency bonds
  • Quality dividend paying equities and preferred stock
  • Selected closed-end and mutual funds
  • and many others

Good Harvest also offers diversified equity and higher-income portfolios for investors with different needs. Click here for additional details

No sales, no commissions. Really!

More than ever, investors and savers need someone who understands them. Someone who can determine what’s in their best interests. Not a broker. Not an agent. Good Harvest – we’ll give you the kind of objective guidance and help you’ve been asking for, that others can’t give, and at a price that’s fair and reasonable. So you can sleep better, while your savings are doing better!

Call us. You’ll be glad you did! (631) 423-6501