"...at Good Harvest, Green Investing is, frankly, old news, and standard operating procedure..."

Green & Sustainable Investing – Our Approach

Green & Sustainable Investing

With alternative investing and clean technologies exploding in growth and expected to do so for the foreseeable future, it’s silly for growth investors not to participate in these areas of opportunity. Many of our investors have been invested in these sectors for some time as part of their regular portfolios. Here, at Good Harvest, Green Investing is, frankly, old news, and standard operating procedure!

We seek areas of growth opportunity, from solar wind, geothermal energy and transition technologies, including natural gas. We seek companies that stand to profit by adapting to the demands of a new, more efficient economy, including providing energy efficiency programs for residents and businesses. We seek companies and sectors that focus on the threatened and essential commodity of clean water. In our new global climate change world, the opportunities for investment are considerable, and Good Harvest seeks to identify those opportunities in a manner consistent with the risk and investment goals of our clients. We also seek managers who are experienced in these select areas.

Given the growing interest in this area, Good Harvest has been constructing and monitoring an in-house portfolio entirely devoted to green technologies, including solar and wind energy, efficiency-enhancing technologies, water, and many others. Stay posted for more information.

Feel free to talk to us about how we can help make your portfolio Greener.

Responsible Investing -- Beyond environment and energy. You can do well by doing good. Incorporating environmental and social criteria into an investment program can allow you to not only achieve financial goals but to do so in a way that incorporates your values. Find out more...