"The team at Good Harvest Financial Group offers customized services to help actively manage your financial investments."

Portfolio Management - Overview

Different people have different needs. Perhaps you:

  • Have an investment portfolio, but either don't have the time or feel knowledgeable enough to actively monitor the markets and your investments
  • Have acquired an inheritance or trust oversight and need professional financial help to meet investment and income goals
  • Have a retirement plan but are looking for qualified professional management to handle the investment strategy and ongoing management.
  • Are an accounting/legal professional seeking objective professional financial input or services for a client

The team at Good Harvest offers customized services to help actively manage your financial investments.

Simply put, the firm’s investment philosophy is based on the sound investing principles of proper asset allocation, diversification and tactical strategies to help minimize risk and maximize overall portfolio return.

The first step is to meet and discuss your needs, understand your goals, values, vision and investment interests and begin a good working relationship. Perhaps working around a financial plan, we'll construct a strategy around your goals and risk tolerance and income needs. Then, we will provide recommendations that will align with your goals and values, and re-balance and re-tune your portfolio over time, to help you achieve your financial goals.

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