"Most of all, good planning is about peace of mind – a financial plan provides the security that every investor truly seeks"

Introduction to Wealth & Financial Planning Services

Every individual needs some measure of financial planning to establish a proper foundation for good investment, income and life planning. Without that basic plan in place, an investment portfolio may fall short of a person’s goals, subject an individual to an unacceptable level of risk, or incorporate investments that are incompatible with the interests of an investor.

Most of all, good planning is about peace of mind: a financial plan provides the security that every investor – from high net worth, to working professional couple, to retiree – truly seeks.

Whether the client is seeking to have Good Harvest manage all or part of their assets, or utilize current or other portfolio managers entirely, this essential step provides the objective and essential foundation for a good overall financial strategy. Individual investors who spend time undertaking this important financial step also benefit by having clarified their goals, established reasonable expectations, and have a means of determining if their plans are on track.

It's more than numbers. Some of our clients also seek to integrate their financial plans with fulfilling life choices. Can we afford to retire comfortably at an earlier age than expected while focusing on philanthropic activities? Can I better balance my work life with my family time without enduring economic hardship? How best to retain our assets and pass them on to our children and grandchildren? How can we plan a major career change or a move to another part of the country? At Good Harvest, we go beyond the numbers to help our clients make meaningful choices for their lives.

Wealth Management is a relatively new area in the financial world which is tailored to the high net worth investor and expands on financial planning. Besides helping to establish a balanced, sophisticated and comprehensive investment approach, it helps guide clients with respect to estate planning, objective insurance analysis, and charitable gifting strategies. Working with your existing or other professionals, Good Harvest can help navigate these complicated waters.