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Green and Sustainable Investing

Solar energy, wind power, geothermal. High efficiency transmission systems. Improved biofuels.

With the growing global concern of the well-being and sustainability of our planet and quality of life, and with the dramatically rising costs of fossil fuels and energy dependency, a new era of energy and environmentally-based technologies has sprung to life.

The opportunities are extraordinary. As increasing regulatory reforms around the world designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are established along with burgeoning economies in China, India and the Developing World, new ideas and solutions to energy, transportation, heating and the environmental challenges provide tremendous opportunities for investors while helping to preserve the planet.

Indeed, conscious consumers and leading edge companies have grasped the concept of “Going Green” and many are excited about including green investments in their overall investment approach. At Good Harvest, we not only routinely include various green investment opportunities in our portfolios, we are also establishing a separate portfolio exclusively oriented to this very exciting and critically important arena.

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